Meade 0.5PST Coronado H-Alpha Solar Telescope Review


The Personal Solar Telescope (PST) is an innovation product from the stables of Coronado. The Meade 0.5PST Coronado H-Alpha Personal Solar Telescope is an extraordinary instrument, arguably the best on the market right now based on price/quality ratio.

It is designed primarily for viewing the Sun in bright and distinctive hydrogen-alpha light red prominences. The Meade Coronado hydrogen alpha solar telescopes allows us to see in great detail and contrast all the sunspots, prominences, filaments, granulation surface of the Sun and evidently, solar eclipses.

With this product offered by Coronado, solar images are spectacular as they differ much from the typical solar images that can be obtained with traditional types that only serve to see sunspots and eclipses safely.

Coronado was a pioneer in the field of solar telescopes, so it goes without saying that the Meade 0.5PST Coronado H-Alpha Personal Solar Telescope will not only help observe the Sun in all its intensity and in great detail, it will also do it a completely safe way. It has been designed keeping in mind the wavelength of hydrogen alpha (656.28 nm) and with increased contrast which gives a darker background for visual and photographic observation.

It operates with a patented, cutting-edge technology that provides excellent images of the Sun’s surface. The Coronado 0.5 PST (Personal Solar Telescope) functions with the same technology as that of a number of high quality telescopes such as the SolarMax, but with a few differences that allows the product manufacturers to offer it to customers at a cheaper price money than other premium models.

The PST will show you prominences, active regions, filaments, as well as details of the solar surface. The PST are made ​​in aluminum, not plastic. Optional accessories that come with the product package include a briefcase transport, a mount table, and eye piece.


  • Dimensions of Product : 20 x 8 x 11 inch
  • Weight of product: 6 pounds
  • Product model number: 0.5PST
  • Part number: PST
  • Focal length: 400 millimeters
  • F/Ratio:F/10
  • Bandwidth: < 0.5Å
  • Thermal Stability: 0.005 Å/°C
  • Product warranty: 1 year


The hydrogen alpha personal solar telescope is designed with an achromatic refractor of 44 mm aperture and 400 mm focal length. It also sports an objective lens of 40 mm aperture.

It features a narrow passage of less than 1 angstrom band, which serves the purpose of provides high contrast and visibility of the active regions of the sun. Its high thermal stability (0.005 Å / ° C) comes in handy in that it ensures that the filter does not deviate from the line of H-alpha emission during use.

The 0.5PST Coronado H-Alpha personal solar telescope is manufactured with lightweight aluminum and the product package comes with additional accessories such as the Cermax eyepiece as well as a standard mounting tripod stand.



  • The telescope has filters with 5 ångström bandwidths which reveal much better contrasts as well as great prominences.
  • The product is highly portable
  • It can be double-stacked for an even better astronomical experience
  • Comes with a tripod mount


  • When being used in double-stacked mode, the telescope can become rather top-heavy and slightly imbalanced


Final Verdict

The Meade 0.5PST Coronado H-Alpha Telescope by Coronado makes it possible for quality solar observations to be accessible to all. The H-alpha telescopes with a bandwidth of less than 1 angstrom were hardly affordable for the amateur astronomer prior to this time.

Solar observations are very safe with this telescope because the product manufacturer places a high premium on the safety of their customers above any other consideration. Coronado goes beyond reaffirming the right distance to prevent harmful sun rays like UV or IR from reaching the eyepiece.

This telescope, with all its advanced features, is offered to customers at a very affordable price. With the Coronado H-Alpha Personal Solar Telescope, you’ll get to appreciate the protuberances, filaments, sunspots and many other details on the Sun’s surface.

So, for a truly great astronomical experience, the Meade 0.5PST Coronado H-Alpha Personal Solar Telescope is highly recommended.

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