Celestron 127E PowerSeeker Telescope Review

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Celestron 127E PowerSeeker is a great telescope for a beginner or an intermediate level stargazer. If you’re worried about giving a budding astronomer a beginner’s telescope because they might grow out of it, the Celestron PowerSeeker is a good choice. It combines quality construction with high magnifying power and other important features that will last for years.


  • Newtonian reflector telescope
  • 127 mm aperture
  • 1,000 mm focal length
  • Comes with finderscope
  • Magnification of 50x or 250x with second eyepiece (included)
  • Highest useful magnification of 225x
  • Weighs 17 pounds
  • Heavy-duty aluminum tripod

Features and Benefits

The Celestron 127E PowerSeeker is a reflector telescope. That means that it can have a big light opening, and the 5” aperture collects a lot of light compared to an entry-level refractor telescope.

Shoppers always ask what nighttime sky objects they can observe to compare telescopes. The Celestron 127E will allow observers to see a great deal of detail on the moon’s surface, including many craters and other prominent features. You’ll be able to spot Mars and Venus readily as well. It’s possible to see Jupiter with some surface patterns, and Saturn and its rings are also visible if you set up the telescope properly and have a clear night. You can even see a few of Jupiter’s moons if conditions are perfect.

If you want to track object that are moving slowly across the sky, you’ll like the PowerSeeker’s tracking controls. The aluminum tripod base is sturdy, and by turning the controls slowly, it’s easy to keep track of a satellite’s path across your field of view.


  • Doesn’t require any tools to set up or break down
  • Has slow-motion controls that allow for slow-motion tracking
  • Suitable for both celestial and terrestrial viewing
  • Has a built-in accessory tray to keep small parts close at hand
  • All the optical components are coated glass


  • The 3x Barlow lens doesn’t add much magnification and its hard to see through


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Final Word

The Celestron 127E PowerSeeker Telescope is reasonably priced for such a powerful telescope. It includes some features that competing models only offer as add-ons for an additional charge. Reviewers are enthusiastic about the unit. Over 73 percent give the telescope at least 4 stars, and almost half award it a full 5 stars. While some of the eyepieces aren’t first quality, if you outgrow them, they can be replaced later to give you better performance without trading up to a more expensive telescope overall.


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