BARSKA Anchormaster 15-45×50 Spyscope Review

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Why you should consider the BARSKA Anchormaster 15-45×50 Spyscope

Enhancing the view of distant objects whether it’s of our vast landscapes, cityscapes or celestial viewing of our planets is always an interesting activity to take part in. Being able to enhance objects and bring them right up and personal to you in glorious detail is such an amazing experience. With the BARSKA Anchormaster 15-45×50 Spyscope you get to feed your curiosity and passion for exploration which allows you to transform distance images into spectacular visual detail.

The BARSKA Anchormaster 15-45×50 Spyscope comes equipped with a Mahogany Floor Tripod that has extendable legs which allow for extreme flexibility for the viewer. The joints are polished brass to perfection. The notable component to this telescope is its high powered viewing capabilities. You will be able to zoom up to magnifications from 15x to 45x with the large 50 mm objective lens which is also polished in brass.

Telescope Buying Guide
The fully coated achromatic lenses are brilliant for images structured in a refractor design with the included helical focusing rings. Another notable feature is the internal image-correcting lens which will provide you with right-side-up images for the naked eye. For increased view-ability, the Anchormaster comes with brass arc mounts which allows for the scope to move in different directions smoothly.

The design of the BARSKA Anchormaster 15-45×50 Spyscope w/ Mahogany Floor Tripod is very classic and elegant. The aesthetic of the product would take you back to the days when tall ships and pirates invaded the seas. The telescope is a handcrafted design that is created from solid polished brass and mahogany wood providing you with the complete classic look and ambiance.

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Notable Product Features

  • Zoom Magnifications from 15x to 45x
  • Large 50 mm objective lens in a polished brass scope
  • Fully coated achromatic lenses for brilliant images
  • Refractor design with helical focusing rings
  • Internal image-correcting lens
  • Brass arc mounts
  • Mahogany tripod with extendable legs and polished brass joints
  • One year limited warranty


Not only does the BARSKA Anchormaster 15-45×50 Spyscope w/ Mahogany Floor Tripod make a great telescope for viewing beautiful landscapes, cityscapes, and celestial planes close to the naked eye, but this product also would make a great gift for anyone looking for a telescope that embodies class and elegance. With high powered viewing zoom magnifications and spectacular design, making that purchasing decision is a no brainer. Be able to transform long distance images and enjoy a visual experience that you can always remember.

For customer testimonials and reviews of this product as well as a reduced price, click on the purchase button below. Greatness awaits as well as a wonder time of exploration.

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